BIM and the Supply Chain

SECBE has developed an in-depth knowledge of how the supply chain needs to interact to make BIM work.

Delivering the FutureFit programme, the team supported a diverse range of companies all with different requirements, aims and goals which means we are extremely well placed to help Tier 1 contractors implement BIM through their supply chain.

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Top tips for supply chain engagement with BIM

Develop a clear strategy
As a tier 1 contractor you should develop a BIM Implementation Plan that includes provision for helping the supply chain to develop. Factor in measures for assessing and increasing the capacity and capabilities of your supply chain.

Share your aims and objectives with the supply chain
You should be in regular communication with your supply chain to help them to understand your aspirations. Hold some supply chain workshops, create a community, work together to thrash out what changes need to be made. Give them the opportunity to align their own business plans with meeting your needs.

Provide leadership
Demonstrate your commitment and direction of BIM travel . Share your level of investment in BIM and the mutual benefits you expect to drive through the supply chain.

Communicate a clear set of messages and requirements of your supply chain
BIM is process driven, let your supply chain know exactly when and how they will be engaged in the process and what they will be required to provide. If you’re asking them to take the first steps with you, together, then have an open conversation.

Support and incentivise
BIM is a collaborative process – you need the ‘buy-in’ of your supply chain and a relationship of respect and trust. Above all, support and incentivise your supply chain to accompany you on the BIM journey.

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