SECBE’s Building Innovation for Growth programme will address the key barriers constraining innovation in construction.

By bringing together the diverse knowledge of public procurers, investors and innovators, and improving business & researcher connectivity we will create widespread business appetite for finding better ways of doing things and the confidence to share.

Innovation is widely recognised as THE critical factor to increased & sustained productivity & growth in every sector; and the greatest barriers to innovation are a company’s confidence, capacity & culture. Charles Mills, a leader at Transport for London and chairman of Constructing Excellence’s Procurement Group recently blogged: "by contrast to manufacturing that’s racing towards its fourth industrial revolution driven by digitisation, the construction sector remains largely locked into traditional practices that haven’t radically changed in decades".

Take inspiration from some award-winning innovators below, or contact the team for a quick chat on 0118 9207 200. 

Innovation 2015
Utterberry Wireless Sensor Devices
Utterberry wireless sensors will revolutionise civil engineering instrumentation and monitoring, rendering the task easier to perform, with better measurement precision, and yielding dependable results in real time. This innovation overcomes site challenges, has harnessed the latest emerging technologies and hugely improves on what currently exits. Read more

Innovation 2014
Medmerry Managed Realignment

This was the first man-made coastal realignment project in the UK and the largest of its kind in Europe. It protects the coastline properties, sewage works and the main Selsey Road serving over 5,000 residents, saves £300,000 pa on flood defence and unlocks potential to protect a further 25,000 properties across similar flood risk management projects. Completed in September 2013 the flood defences withstood the worst coastal storms seen for 20 years. Read more

Innovation 2013
Banbury Flood Alleviation Scheme
This was the UK’s first adaptation of irrigation technology into a flood alleviation scheme. It removed the threat of flooding from hundreds of homes and commercial properties in Oxfordshire and provides a template for a sustainable solution that has already been used elsewhere. Read more

Innovation 2012
King Sheet Piling

This clever but simple process uses standard sheet piles more efficiently and has revolutionised 120 years of sheet piling practice. It provided over 25km of retaining walls on a £1 billion contract to widen the M25 and refurbish Hatfield Tunnel, saving around £10 million. Read more

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