Blog: SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - Fiona Rogoff

24 March 2022

G4C Future Leader sponsored by CIOB

Fiona Rogoff (Noviun Architects)

G4C Future Leader SECBE Award 2022 Finalist 

Fiona has three key aspects which are central to what she does and how she does it, these are: relationships, design and community.

Fiona has a positive approach that is shown within her ability to not only build relationships, but also to thrive within an environment where conversing and getting to understand what makes clients and colleagues tick is an invaluable skill she has honed. This translates into successful projects that have a lasting impact. Her optimistic approach not only delivers results but has a positive impact on all people’s behaviour within projects. Fiona has recently been working with a stakeholder team who were very undecided between themselves and needed clear guidance through the process. Fiona’s positive and considered approach fostered an environment where all were enabled to communicate their thoughts, and all could work together to develop a team solution. Fiona is a founding member of the networking group ‘Beyond Building’, positively influencing connectivity across the construction industry via the events she organises. 

At University Fiona found her passion for community projects and the benefits these can have to the wider society. Since she completed her RIBA nominated explorations of social infrastructures in her home city of Portsmouth, it was clear to her that community would be central to everything she wanted to achieve as an architect.  This mantra has stayed with her through the design of public and private schemes, even when the positive social impact of a project may not be so apparent. At Barton Peveril College in particular, it was the correlation between the students’ sense of place and ownership of their social space, with their ultimate comfort and academic success that made all the design consideration so worthwhile.

She takes delight in exploring the possibilities of a space set within the boundaries of the external fabric, whilst minimising the environmental impact of development by creatively re-using what already exists. Sustainable growth as a society has never been more vital and her experience with existing buildings is something she wishes to build upon as her career progresses.  

Alongside these three core elements, Fiona also thoroughly enjoys mentoring future architects to achieve all that they can, push boundaries and step outside their comfort zones to advance the future of design.  The upcoming architectural community will be facing some of the most challenging demands of architecture and place-making ever experienced. She hopes she can be a key influencer for future generations to be able to help nurture and encourage, and she works to give back as much as she can via her mentoring and work with the University of Portsmouth. 

Fiona is a proactive and collaborative person and brings this through in her approach to her projects, showing leadership both within the team, and in leading the design development. Fiona does not shy away from decision making and problem solving, in fact, she thrives in this environment.

Fiona is a natural leader and continually sets the highest standards for all, striving to lead by example.

Key achievements:

  • Exceptional attention to detail through project delivery demonstrated throughout her career.

  • Founding member of the Forum for the Built Environment and Beyond Building networking groups on the south coast.

  • Following her academic achievements (Hays Awards for Best Critical writing and RIBA President medal nomination for Dissertation), Fiona has been a finalist in a number of industry awards, including WICE Award for Best Young Woman in Architecture and Young Business Person 2019 at Winchester Business Excellence Awards.

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

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About the G4C Future Leader Award (sponsored by CIOB): 

G4C is a driving force for industry change, through the development and connection of future industry leaders. The award is open to a person with less than ten years of experience in the construction and built environment sector (typically less than 35 years of age). More info

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