Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards

The Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards recognise the very best construction companies, collaborations and projects from across London & the South East.

'Our industry needs to change, now more than ever, particularly in light of the physical and commercial catastrophes of Grenfell and Carillion. We need the very best talent in our organisations, people with total commitment to the interests of their customers, their companies, their colleagues and themselves. We need people and organisations committed to delivering the very best services and products that are not just fit for purpose for the users and owners but are also the very best we can deliver sustainably. We need people who constructively challenge themselves and their organisations to think and act innovatively and collaboratively to deliver inspiring results for everyone.

These awards identify, interrogate then promote the very best behaviours and practices that are driving positive change in our industry.'

Mark Farmer Co-chairman of Constructing Excellence & CEO of Cast Consultancy

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Constructing Excellence Croydon - 2021 events
01 January 2021
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