Blog: SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - Digital Driven by Desire

25 March 2022

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Digital Driven by Desire (submitted by VINCI Construction UK)

Digital Constructing Excellence SECBE Award 2022 finalist

In early 2021 VINCI Construction UK launched its digital transformation programme called Digital Driven by Desire. The driving force was a desire to do things differently not just because they had to, but because they wanted to. Its goal was to increase the efficiency of the design, construction, and handover processes by incorporating digital technologies at all project stages.

The programme’s five principles:

Make it Personal: VINCI Construction UK always matches tools and technology to its people’s and partners’ needs. Never the other way around.

Keep it Simple: The technology might be complicated, but the experience should be straightforward, intuitive and enjoyable.

Make it Better: Anything VINCI Construction UK introduces should improve its productivity, safety or quality, reducing risk or cost.

Make it Connected: Everything should be able to connect to everything else.

Make it Last: VINCI Construction UK plans for long-term sustainability. Everything should be flexible, scalable and able to adapt with their business.

Following its five principles, VINCI Construction UK made sure to focus its attention on its people before introducing any new technology. Rather than imposing new technologies as an abrupt change to the way the company plans, designs, builds and handovers its projects, it introduces them only after an appropriate level of awareness has been achieved and the underlying process established and clearly communicated. Demonstrating the benefits first means the teams is adopting technologies because they want to, rather than have to.

Real case application: 360 data capture 

A key test that proved VINCI Construction UK were on the right track shortly after launching the company's initiative was the introduction of a digital tool to improve productivity and address the inefficiency of how the company photographically documented site progress.

VINCI Construction UK collaborated with a company called Openspace to introduce 360 data capture.  The company followed its five principles to introduce this tool and began to emphasise to the site teams the inefficiency of the existing process for documenting site progress, calculating the time required to complete this task. This inefficiency had gone unnoticed by the construction teams prior to their awareness campaign.

VINCI Construction UK carried out a series of training with key initial projects, demonstrating the technology and supporting adoption.

In short, the campaign convinced every project of the benefits of adoption of why the company chose this method. Its internal communications campaign caught the interest of the project teams, as they showed that each project was able to save more than 200hours/year, resulting in the company being able to apply this tool on every live project within six months.

Key achievements:

  • Digital transformation.
  • Improved site efficiency.
  • Sharing digital knowledge.

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

About the Digital Award (sponsored by Artelia UK): 

Digital embraces BIM, GIS, Big Data and other evolving technological advancements.  Technology has transformed the world we live in and has potential to revolutionise the construction industry. This category rewards organisations, projects or initiatives that have adopted, advanced and achieved excellence in Digital. More info

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