Blog: SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - OnSite Support Ltd

29 March 2022

SME of the Year sponsored by Baxall

SME of the Year SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - OnSite Support Ltd 

OnSite Support is the leading national provider of safety, welfare and site equipment for the construction industry. We help our clients to deliver positive change in construction, by driving digital growth, cultivating an innovative ethos, providing sustainable solutions, and promoting respect for diversity in an age of global community. In doing this, we work with our clients to establish a solution that’s unique to them, helping them to maintain safe, productive sites, and enabling their businesses to profit and grow.
Through our unrivalled PLUS data programme, comprehensive PPE & Packaging Recycling service and continuous innovations on the sustainability front, we provide best-in-class service and solutions to help keep our clients’ workforce safe whilst still meeting their sustainable business objectives.

We have broken new ground with an innovative digital service model that supports clients while ensuring resources are deployed effectively and efficiently. Our added value client reporting suite was created to allow for continuous improvement and optimisation of our client’s procurement programmes.

PLUS by OnSite Support, was launched after 2 years of research, and focuses on four key areas: Purchasing, Logistics, Use and Sustainability. Through the creation of PLUS, we are able to position ourselves as an integral supplier to the construction industry, demonstrating our long-standing leadership and commitment to sustainability through the collection and reporting of granular data to allow analysis and insights into client wide inefficiencies in ordering and delivery processes. 

For one client, Willmott Dixon, we analysed their historic ordering and delivery habits, and identified that with collaboration, we could reduce their vehicle movement on sites, meaning less carbon emissions. By implementing 2 deliveries per week/per site, we helped reduce the number of deliveries by 384 over a 3-month period, resulting in over 73,000km less travelled and over 800kg less CO2 generated.

The USE part of our PLUS programme enables clients to ensure their teams are compliant. We can compare a client’s injury data with the PPE they had delivered, to check against compliance. Through PLUS Projects data, we can also check the whole supply chain of the main contractors (sub-contractors) for this compliance.

We are on a journey with our supply chain: mapping our product range to record data against embodied carbon (we already have Net Zero product ranges to offer), logging country of origin data against our product database, and re-enforcing our current rigorous ethical policies and procedures through our Sedex membership.

Our PPE & Packaging recycling service offers clients the opportunity to recycle their PPE - and the packaging that comes with it – ensuring zero plastic ends up in landfill. Through PLUS, we can provide reporting on how much PPE and packaging a client has recycled and how much plastic has been saved from landfill. We constantly work with our supply chain, to help clients hit their sustainable objectives by bringing forward sustainable innovations. Examples include the Traffi LXT range, Leo EcoViz range and Regatta Honestly Made range, all of which feature as part of our Green Range.

Key achievements:

  • Our PLUS data reporting programme: Offering enhanced client reporting to help drive continuous improvement and optimisation of purchasing behaviour, which in turn helps our clients drive efficiencies in their operations, save money, be more efficient, lower costs and operate in a safer and more sustainable manner. Our clients truly value the PLUS programme and a recent quote from a Project Director on a National Highways Project was ‘PLUS data is gold dust!’

  • A continual focus on more sustainable products and innovations through the Green Range and the launch of our PPE & Packaging Recycling service collaborating with our clients and supply chain.

  • Compliance of our supply chain and working with industry bodies and our supply chain to help our clients hit their sustainable objectives.

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

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About the SME of the Year Award (sponsored by Baxall Construction): 

SMEs are the backbone of the industry and are recognised by Constructing Excellence for their dominance of and contribution to the supply chain. Department for Business Innovation and Skills suggest that 99.9% of UK construction contracting businesses are SMEs and some of the greatest innovation and best practice can be identified in this sector. More info.

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