Blog: SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - Zero-Carbon Social Housing Scheme by Zed Pods and Bromley Council

06 April 2022

Residential Project of the Year

Zero-Carbon Social Housing Scheme by Zed Pods and Bromley Council (submitted by Zed Pods )  

Residential Project of the Year Constructing Excellence SECBE Award 2022 Finalist

Zed Pods, in partnership with London Borough of Bromley, has designed and built an affordable, zero-carbon modular housing scheme above a public car park in Burnt Ash Lane. The project is a pioneering, environmental and socially focused development, providing 25 beautiful homes for people who are in temporary accommodation. It comprises of 10 X 1 bed and 15 X 2 bed 3 person flats (including 6 wheelchair accessible units) with latest energy-efficient measures. These permanent homes have been erected on steel podiums to preserve 80% of existing car parking spaces underneath the building. In fact, the  car park has been regenerated with additional 5 CCTVs, 3 EV chargers, 40 cycle-storages and green spaces to ensure sustainable lifestyle and enhanced safety for the residents.

The Burnt Ash Lane scheme is the first housing development for Bromley Council after a gap of 40 years and is first-of-its-kind in Bromley as well as in London. 


The scheme is unique as it offers rapid build, high-quality and ultra-low energy housing on constrained sites, impossible to achieve with conventional new build. Using precision manufacturing technology, modules are completed up to 90% in a UK based factory before being transported to the site, as enabling works and erection of steel podiums happened concurrently. The podium was constructed in 10 days & modules were transported and installed within 4 weeks at the rate of 4 modules per day, with very little local disruption, noise, pollution, waste and movement of construction vehicles, showcasing an exemplar sustainable construction process. 


Zero-carbon and sustainable housing are at the heart of this scheme, with super insulation, low energy heating systems, airtight construction and renewable technologies to compliment “fabric first” specifications. The scheme has been designed to achieve “zero operational carbon” with SAP ratings of over 100. There are no toxic materials, no urea-based insulation systems, low VOC paints and adhesives and breathing wall construction. The low-carbon technologies ensure low energy consumption and cheaper running costs. Each home uses solar panels to generate renewable electricity, quiet running heat pumps, controlled ventilation to recover usable heat, triple glazing and LED lighting.

Stakeholder engagement 

A common barrier for MMC is lack of awareness. The company installed its show home in the Civic Centre car park, which enabled people to ’touch and feel’ the product. Politicians, council officials, local community members and future residents visited the show home and gave feedback. This early involvement changed misconceptions and won “hearts and minds”.

Affordable high-quality homes

These single-storey and duplex apartments exceed the NDSS space standards and are compliant with London Housing Standards. All units have additional 5 sqm balcony i.e., private amenity space to ensure improved well-being of residents. These self-contained homes have tiled bathroom and kitchen to a high quality, and are fully fitted to connect to utilities, including telephone and wired broadband connection. The units are designed to generate ultra-low energy bills for residents facing “fuel-poverty”.    

This development demonstrates how an innovative solution can create a community for people vulnerable to homelessness and can live securely and comfortably. Zed Pods are building communities here which will be Zero Energy, Zero Carbon in nature.

Key achievements:

  • Unique: The modular scheme offers rapid, high-quality, zero-carbon housing on constrained sites, not possible with conventional new build. This retains and regenerates existing car parking spaces whilst providing 100% affordable housing.

  • Pioneering zero-carbon development: The scheme has been designed to achieve SAP ratings of over 100. Each house uses solar panels to generate renewable electricity, quiet running heat pumps, controlled ventilation to recover usable heat, triple glazing and LED lighting.

  • Ful Turnkey Delivery: The team has conceptualised, designed and obtained planning permission. “Hearts and mind” were won by using full sized demo unit at Bromley Civic Centre. Early process innovations helped to obtain go-ahead for council’s first modular project after 40 years.

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Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

About the Residential Project of the Year (sponsored by SCF): 

This award recognises developments that provide a desirable and sustainable place to live that demonstrate creative approaches from concept to delivery.  More info.

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