Blog: SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - F51 (by Jenner Group)

26 April 2022

Project of the Year under 10m sponsored by Hill Dickinson

F51 (submitted by Jenner Group) 

Building Project of the Year under £10m SECBE Award 2022 finalist

F51 is the true realisation of courageous ambition. From initial concept through to articulation of its architecture by utilising state-of-the art construction techniques, the project serves as a prime example of how the built form impacts upon the lives of its surrounding community and, thanks to the generous philanthropic funding that backed the build, will bring endless joy to all those it serves.

Known as F51 – named so after its location, be under no illusion that this is a brave building; - bold in its intent and its stature as an imposing urban landmark rising out of its surrounding landscape to maximise space on a confined site and shrouded in a bespoke mesh facade that gives the building its contemporary yet edgy feel.

The cutting-edge design never compromised the offer inside, a perfect balance between style and substance, with first-class skating over three floors and additional space created to accommodate the South East’s tallest climbing wall, a bouldering course and Olympic standard boxing facilities, as well as a community café and workspace. Each skating floor is distinctive and offers a unique experience to visitors of all abilities and access will be offered at a nominal rate to ensure inclusivity.

Set in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter the original intent to deliver a multi-storey car park was deemed a wasted opportunity to give something back to the community and continue Folkestone’s renaissance. As such, the most unique and awe-inspiring design emerged for the four-storey building that soon became a talking point, glaringly in the public eye. The curved form means it is deceptive in its scale, with no end point visible. It is only when you step inside that you truly begin to realise its magnitude as its near windowless form removes any reference points to understand its size. F51 creates wonder, intrigue, and excitement from the community and beyond.    

F51 is managed by Shepway Sports Trust (SST), a Folkestone-based not-for-profit charity established to encourage participation and excellence in sport.

Key achievements:

  • Community Impact – Inclusivity!

    F51 truly deserves recognition for the client’s brave intent, and the life-changing impact the built form, thanks to generous philanthropic funding, will have upon its local community and far beyond in the sporting fraternity. Each skating floor is distinctive and offers a unique experience to visitors of all abilities from world-class professionals to absolute beginners, and access will be offered at a nominal rate to ensure inclusivity.

    Stand-out projects like F51 are often talked of but rarely happen! The journey to create F51 has been full of world firsts, and we know the results will speak for themselves. It is an incredible commitment to the action sports community in the UK.” - Piers Chapman – Cambian (Designer and Installer of the plywood ‘Street’ and ‘Flow’ floors)

  • Excellence in design and construction – A world-first! 

    Firmly placed in the media spotlight, an iconic building of breath-taking stature has emerged. Designed by award-winning architectural practice Hollaway Studio and delivered by Folkestone-based Jenner Group, the flagship building; - a multiple tiered skateboarding facility set over four storeys, is a world first in design, construction, and operation.

  • A Sustainable Future – ‘Generational Regeneration’

    The building creates a one-stop-shop for the most extraordinary set of social services, its mission to give young people a place where they feel safe and welcome and essentially where they can have fun, with the Covid-19 pandemic having so detrimentally impacted on opportunities for sport and recreation.

    A sustainable future in its truest form is where the young are nurtured and given the opportunity to grow and fulfil their potential; to gain new skills and achieve great things. The aim is simple, a common sense approach to invest in this generation, with the aim that it will go on to invest in the one that follows - generational regeneration. Undoubtedly this is the life blood of F51.

Client: The Roger de Haan Charitable Trust / Shepway Sports Trust

Project Partners: Jenner Group, Hollaway Studio

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

About the Building Project of the Year over £10m Award (sponsored by  Hill Dickinson) 

Project of the Year delivers outstanding outcomes for all those involved in a construction project.  It showcases the benefits achieved through the application of many of the principles described in the other award categories. More info.

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