News: Apprentice helps Wates site work towards CLOCS National Standard

10 January 2019

Wates achieve high score in their first CLOCS site audit

CoTrain Apprentice Chris Waddell is currently working with Wates as a trainee Site Manager and during summer 2018, was asked to also take on the role of Logistics Manager. Committed to this new role and after finding about the CLOCS National Standard, Chris went about finding out how CLOCS could be used on the site in the future.

Since Chris first started researching and learning about the desired standard of safety to ensure the sites logistics plan matched up to the CLOCS Standard, Wates had arranged to have their CLOCS audit on the site in Bracknell.

Chris commented “CLOCS is something that I have been involved with for a while now, so it was nice to finally see all the logistical work we had done as a team get assessed. What made it all the sweeter is that we received a very respectable score of 17 out of 21, which is a strong achievement considering it was our first CLOCS audit.

The assessor was interested to know about vehicle movements on site, which I myself oversee. We have two traffic marshals located on site, one located at the entrance and another located on a blind bend. The two gatemen keep in constant contact with each other through radio and co-ordinate the vehicles as necessary to ensure there are no collisions. What makes it more challenging is that there is only one vehicle route accessing and egressing the site, so it is imperative that the traffic marshals keep control of the influx of traffic. 

Prior to the audit I spent time briefing the traffic marshals and training them how to check vehicles so they adhere to the FORS Silver Standard, which would make the vehicles compliant to the CLOCS Standard, I updated the logistics plan we have in place and brought it up to the CLOCS Standard, I displayed CLOCS signs and posters around site – raising awareness to the scheme, but most importantly created a portfolio of evidence that we all presented to the assessor demonstrating how we follow the CLOCS Standard.”

Chris went on to say, “There is however, always room for improvement and one of the things we need to look at is incorporating an electronic booking in system. Currently we are just verbally notified, which occasionally causes problems. We discussed in the audit a booking in system that sub-contractors can book their delivery slots onto, resulting in an even flow of incoming delivery vehicles.

I am happy that we were deemed to be applying with the national CLOCS Standard, meaning we make a conscious effort to eliminate the risk of collisions between construction vehicles and the community, help improve air quality and reduce emissions, decrease the amount of vehicle journeys and reduce reputational risk. I would strongly recommend looking into the CLOCS scheme to improve the logistics of your construction site.”

Alec Jackman, Business Unit Director, Wates Construction Southern Home Counties, commented:

“Wates Construction places great importance on the protection of residents and local people in the communities we work within. The Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) standard has been registered on a number of our city centre projects but Brackenhale Academy is the first Wates project to benefit from the initiative in the Southern Home Counties.

Chris Waddell, an apprentice with our site team at Brackenhale, has worked hard to champion the scheme and led the very first assessor visit in which we proudly scored 17 out of 21. I’d like to extend my thanks to Chris for his determination to implement CLOCS so successfully. He is an invaluable member of our site team.”

CLOCS is a national Standard that requires all stakeholders in construction to take responsibility for health & safety beyond the hoardings.  It demands collaborative action to prevent fatal or serious collisions between vehicles servicing construction projects and vulnerable road users; pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Find out more about the CLOCS National Standard here.

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