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03 September 2020

Contractors and supply chains

CoTrain has seen an increase in contractors enquiring if we can help them or their supply chain in taking on an apprentice for them to host. Over the past few weeks, we’ve received over 20 enquiries for apprentices. This is particularly important where it forms part of a framework or Section 106 requirement.

The team has been flat out recruiting for some of these enquiries and have interviewed almost 200 applicants!

This is where we can really help you ...

As a shared apprenticeship scheme, we will employ the apprentice and hold the payroll until they complete their apprenticeship which is usually 24 months. The contractor hosts the apprentice placement for an agreed period working on a recharge basis. This is often for the duration of the trade package or duration of the project. 

When required, we share the apprentice with other host contractors to ensure they complete their apprenticeship.

Contact us to discuss:

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