SECBE Leaders in Construction are extremely well placed to help you improve your procurement. We have considerable experience from working with a range of construction clients and suppliers, and unique insights from successful delivery of the Constructing Excellence SECBE awards.

Procurement is a critical enabler to ensure organisations get the buildings and infrastructure they require, and that all suppliers of those products and services can operate and invest to thrive in the short and long term. Construction has a reputation for buying on cost, not value – and always pays the price in terms of poor predictability of project outturn time & cost, excessive operating costs, sub-optimal user satisfaction, minimal innovation, and so on. The Cabinet Office has been trialling some innovative approaches to procurement to dramatically increase value and performance for all parties: Two Stage Open Book, Cost Led Procurement, and Integrated Project Insurance.

See below a couple of success stories from organisations that have taken a fresh approach to procurement, or call the team for more information on 0118 9207 200.

London Underground Ltd’s (LUL) Bank Station Capacity Upgrade (Bank SCU) project team has pioneered a procurement approach know as Innovative Contractor Engagement (ICE).

ICE changes traditional procurement behaviours by enabling early collaboration and innovation within the whole supply chain – client, designer, tier 1 contractor and tier 2 suppliers. It engages the whole construction ‘brain’ from the outset.

This new procurement process encouraged and captured supply chain innovation producing remarkable results for the Bank SCU team including: 10% reduction in project cost, 23% less disruption to services, 20% reduction in journey time, improved step free access and more efficient fire and evacuation strategies. Report - Innovative Contractor Engagement.pdf

Hackney Homes and Homes for Haringey as members of the Supply Chain Management Group (SCMG) have used Two Stage Open Book to demonstrate a breakthrough that will enable public sector clients to deal directly with tier 2/3 subcontractors and manufacturers, working with tier 1 contractors, to build up fully integrated working relationships.

SCMG has created a multi-client, multi-contractor team engaged on housing refurbishment that has worked with a wide range of SME subcontractors and manufacturers under a standardised system of costing and long-term engagement that has created major savings and significant qualitative benefits. Read more ...

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