SECBE is uniquely placed to share its knowledge, connections and the experience of award-winning organisations within the Constructing Excellence network.

Our expertise and insights combine to provide valuable services to help clients and the built environment supply chain to lower construction costs, reduce build times and reduce CO2 emissions.

As a trusted ‘not-for-profit’ organisation driven to improve the quality of the infrastructure and buildings delivered, we help companies to achieve the targets of the industrial strategy for Construction 2025. Through the appropriate deployment of tools and techniques such as BIM, Soft Landings, Collaborative Working, Value Management and Lean Construction we’ll bring about a different way of working for you and your project teams.

5 strategic priorities focus on achieving the Construction 2025 targets

Skills & Training

Recent customers include:

  • Local authorities e.g. Kent County Council: Download KCC case study
  • Leisure e.g. Greenwich Leisure Ltd
  • Residential e.g. leading retirement home provider
  • Consultancies e.g. Artelia
  • Trade bodies e.g. B&ES and ECA

Lower Costs
33% reduction in the initial cost of construction and the whole-life cost of built assets

Faster delivery
50% reduction in the overall time, from inception to completion, for new build and refurbished assets

Lower emissions
50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment

50% increase in reaching new markets

Integration and Collaborative Working is one of the core categories in the Constructing Excellence Awards. Over the years we have seen great examples of winning teams who have demonstrated the very positive impact collaborative working has on producing better results and improved customer satisfaction. SECBE distils and assimilates key lessons to create powerful knowledge to support you.

SECBE will provide a really structured approach to achieving concensus from all stakeholders about the needs and objectives of the project. Knowledgeable about value management methods and techniques and experienced in applying them we can:

  • establish what value means to a client
  • clearly, define and agree project objectives
  • establish how objectives can best be achieved

Lean thinking results in highly flexible and profitable companies but the process to achieve it requires radical change and a strategic long-term approach.

SECBE will work with your organisation to understand the real value it delivers to its customers then work out the most effective way of making best use of its resources. Together we’ll investigate and challenge customer requirements and existing work processes, then develop strategies to remove the waste that undermines value being effectively delivered.

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